The Challenge 

How do we introduce and build buzz about TD Ameritrade’s new 24/5 trading experience when the majority of our audience goes to bed early?


The Solution 

Only one man and one song were qualified to help launch the game-changing news of 24/5 trading: the world’s most qualified nocturnal authority, Lionel Richie, and his 1983 smash hit “All Night Long”. The iconic lyrics made our writers want to “Parti', karamu', fiesta, forever”, and were leveraged to convey the central message of the campaign. The first video, featuring Lionel playfully refusing to quote his song while learning about 24/5 trading, generated huge buzz. To build off that momentum, we released a second video a few weeks later featuring Lionel seated at Grand Piano appearing to play. But instead of tickling the ivories, he’s engaged in 24/5 trading from a laptop placed on top of the keys.



the results 

Lionel’s dulcet tones did more than make people long to “let the music play on”  - they also drove real results for TD Ameritrade.